Liz Sirett

Liz Sirett, B.S.

Research Scientist

Liz Sirett is a research scientist at Activate, where they primarily conduct technical reviews of products for the U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). As an undergraduate, Liz leveraged their experience as a Diversity Peer Educator and their special interest in the LGBTQ+ community to write an honors thesis entitled LGBTQ+ Social Life in Higher Education: Towards a Theory of LGBTQ+ Inclusion, which included an identification of sociological trends and the development of an original “queer ostracization theory.” Liz merges this qualitative research background with a B.S. in mathematics and minors in sociology and music. They have held a variety of positions from teaching to mentoring to composing music to pottery making, all of which have challenged their creative, curious, compassionate, and forward-thinking mind.